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Nice to meet you

I´m Marco Samaniego

“Out of clutter, find simplicity”

I live in Puebla, although I travel to my assignations of photography. I love adventure, creativity, spontanity and be inspired. I´m a dreamer and most likely a romantic. I know how intimidating it might be a camera right in front of you. I consider my style being editorial, cinematic and photojournalistic, i always take my pics as if i were doing it for an advertising magazine.

I love to capture the scenes and the energy of that great day and capture as well the emotion and the feelings into the photographs.

There are times when you begin to see the world like photographs and framing them with your eyes, creating with more concience what is around you and with it seeing things in a new way, having a camera or not a fotographer uses its eyes and imagination as the best tools one can have. I consider it to be fundamental to work under certain rules, this allows me to maintain and of course to improve my photographic style and overcome the expectations of my clients, provoking the “Wow!” effect that I so much seek for. I hope that you find these rules useful, apply them and don’t forget to share your results.